Toiling within the narrow confines of the pre / post / apocalyptic impressionist / expressionist / surrealist schools of the dominant psychedelic socio-political simian discourse(s), while employing the state-of-the art epistemological precision of tautological semi-idiotics apprehended from a lifetime of hermeutical immersion in the offal of the cutting edge corporate imperialist narrative we all enjoy today, I endeavor to offer my reluctant viewers a bracingly suppurative conflation of the ineluctable existential dilemmas and upbeat macabre conundra du jour, with the intent to enable sufficient synaptical connectivity to engender “meaning” (even of a transitory nature), as well as possible epiphanies of a discordantly mordant flavor (while hopefully avoiding the frequent possible side effects of nausea, color-blindness, flatulence, night-sweats, disequilibrium, paranoia, denial, and loss of terminal velocity …)….